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Get away from the crowded roads and highways filled with leaf peepers. This fall when the beautiful colors begin to paint the mountain side, hit the trails and reach anything from easy, scenic views, to strenuous 4,000+ ft summits with foliage views rivaled by none.



Enjoy the gorgeous waterfalls that New England has to offer. Make them your sole destination, and spend time learning about surrounding nature and geological history, or make them a pit stop or focal point of the trails while doing a longer hike.


Maine has 14 beautiful mountains that are over 4,000 feet tall; from Old Speck, to the Carrabassett Valley, to Baxter State park. New Hampshire has 48 mountains over 4,000 ft tall. These trips are strenuous and the challenges of the terrain and weather add an extra element of risk. Previous day hiking experience is helpful but not necessary for these trips, and participants must be in good physical condition.




Experience the beauty of a mountain sunset or an eruption of color at sunrise over the horizon with views for hundreds of miles in every direction. In order to get the best views, some of these hikes may be strenuous. In either case, night hiking is required after the sunset is over or to get to the mountain top before the sun rises. 


Winter hiking and camping in the New England mountains presents a unique set of challenges. The cold and extreme weather requires a different set of skills than warm weather hiking. Clothing and layering systems, camping techniques, specialized gear, food and water planning, and sleeping in the cold, are all valuable skills to learn. Some camping experience is preferred for these trips, and since more gear is needed making for heavier packs, participants must be in good physical condition. Every effort will be made to provide rental gear for these hikes if participants do not own any. If M.A.G. does not have certain gear, information will be provided to participants about where to rent it.

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